Our stock range includes over 50 types of fabric in just about every colour! From light cottons in floral prints through to heavier weight canvas style fabrics and luxurious velvets, soft shiny satins, textured brocades and lovely lace. We can of course source any fabric type to order or even use materials you provide. A wonderful way to repurpose a sentimental garment handed down from a loved one and turn it into  beautiful accessory that can be treasured forever.

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We have purse frames with and without chain loops for soft clutch styles and at least 3 different styles of clamshell. Our stock changes regularly so we can discuss with you the best option for your preferred look when you get in touch.



You can have your bag covered with matching or contrasting lace, topped with a lace trim, have a satin or organza rose added or even have your name or monogram on it, the possibilities are endless! 

Co-ordinated accessories

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, shoe clips, hair combs, fascinators, brooches, corsages, take your pick!

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Satin fabrics

Lace fabrics

Floral fabrics


velvet fabrics

print fabrics

coral and ivory accessories

polka dot FABRICS

brocade fabrics

crepe fabrics

striped fabrics